Life in the Fast Lane – Slow Down!

We have been staying very busy lately and I haven’t had time to write!

Both kiddos are presently napping, though, so I thought I would make the most of it and ignore the fact that the living room could use a vacuuming.

Lately, I have been wrapped up in a multitude of activities – keeping both of my toddlers occupied being the main activity. Yes, it is hard to believe that our Bagel is walking, no, running around! Just over a year ago, she was so tiny and helpless. She squawked whenever she needed to eat and got fussy if her diaper was wet. She slept frequently and was so peaceful most of the time.

If there is one thing that defines babies, it is Peace. Most of the babies I have seen are Peaceful. But “Oooohhh,” you say, “That simply is not the case!” Now, do not get me wrong, I understand babies fuss, they get upset, the only means they have to communicate are their cries and screams! But there is something so serene about a newborn child, something so beautiful about a mother lifting her child onto her chest and soothing those first noises as a baby takes their first breath. And that Peace being allowed to continue and flourish in the first days and weeks of baby’s life.

It breaks my heart when I hear of mothers and fathers who have not gotten to experience the Peace that comes with a newborn baby. Perhaps their child was prematurely born and spent months in the NICU, attached to multiple cords. Perhaps there were medical interventions during birth which impeded upon the Peace that surrounds the birth of a child. Perhaps there was a medical emergency shortly after birth, which resulted in that Peace being shattered. It is so very hard to regain Peace once it has been whisked away, for whatever reason.

Yet, there is something that breaks my heart more than the unplanned intrusion upon the Peace that should surround a newborn baby. And that is the planned intrusion.

You may be asking, what intrusion into this Peace could possibly be planned?

Well, there is something. There is something that parents and doctors are capable of planning, which cuts deep into the Peace surrounding a newborn, and which leaves a perfect baby grasping for Hope in the wake of anguish.

But I will not get into this topic today. Merely leave you to ponder the Beauty of Peace that can surround a newborn baby. And how quickly fleeting those first moments of Peace are, but how pivotal they are to the formation of a Peaceful child.

And as I watch my dear daughter and son, who were both running around earlier, rest in Peace, I am so thankful that their Peace started at birth and was never interrupted.