The Beginning

I am so excited to be starting a blog this year!

This past year has brought some big changes into the life of my family and we are now more aware of the impact that our choices can have not only on our own bodies, but on our family and friends, on our community, and on our most valuable resource – Terra, the Earth.

This past April, we welcomed our second child into our arms! It was a beautiful moment, but was not enjoyed long enough as our focus was quickly diverted to a farewell to my beautiful mother. She passed away in May 2013, after a battle with Pancreatic Cancer.

We began to realize more fully the deepness of the impact our choices can have on our small, but growing, family; on our extended family members; on our friends and community; on our world. We sought to support local and organic farmers whenever we could, to curb our reliance on items made outside of America, and to treat the Earth with more respect.

We moved into our first home, after renting for two years. This was very exciting for us as we finally have a yard! Not only that, but we were able to start a compost pile! Recycling had already greatly diminished the amount of “waste” coming from our home, but composting has made an even larger dent! Between cloth diapering both of our energetic children, recycling, and composting, our “trash” is now less than a small shopping bag each week! I am certain it will continue to diminish as we make more changes in our lifestyle!

As we get further into 2014, I hope to have at least bi-weekly updates about our lives and lifestyle. Some of the topics I will be discussing are the ins and outs of cloth diapering and what fueled our decision to cloth diaper our children, making healthier food choices and sharing recipes as I concoct them, and many other Earth-friendly happenings!

I look forward to many changes for the better in 2014 and hope you will join us in reducing out impact on Terra, the Earth!

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